Tips and Tricks to Escape Rooms


In our escape room, we get a lot of new players that play the game, and we typically get asked what are some of the tricks to escape rooms.  Well, the truth is, there is no trick. It’s about using your head and your team. In this blog, I will give new escape room players tips to play escape games.  

Communication – One of the most important things in an escape room is communication, tell your group what you found.  What I typically see is someone opens up a lock and looks at what is inside and then sets it down without letting anyone know what was there.   Let your group know what you see and what was opened.

Be Observant – Look all over the room, look into things, on things and under things.  Clues or hints could be placed anywhere in the room. While most escape rooms want you to look at everything, don’t rip things off the walls or floors that are bolted down, if they are bolted down it means that you don’t have to look under it.  While you are looking at everything, look at the locks, what do you need? Are they number locks, letter locks or directional locks.

Patterns – Look for patterns and items that may go together.  In one of our rooms we had a skeleton with bones highlighted and right across from them we had spider web pods with bones sticking out, this should have been a clue for people to look and see what the two sets of bones had in common.  Patterns can be items, colors, numbers, etc.

think outside the box

Think Outside the Box – People need to think outside the box, you are looking for lock combinations and they won’t be obvious, they will not be just written out in plain site.  There will typically be something near that will tell you the sequence of the combination. Remember to look for patterns.

Get a Different Perspective – If you can’t figure a puzzle out, ask someone else.  Sometimes if you can’t see what to do another person can, but be careful and don’t tell them what you have already done because you want to have a fresh set of eyes on the puzzle and not set them up to see the puzzle the way you have been looking at it.


So to recap, there are no tricks you can use in an escape room, but you can increase your chances of escaping by communicating, being observant, think outside the box and get a different perspective if you have to.  Work as a team, make sure people know what you found and use the strengths of the people on your team.



Happy Escaping!fb599c3e14d13d5d054690ee6eca223a--smiley-faces-smileys

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