What Is An Escape Room?

When I tell people that I own an escape room, the comment that I hear the most is “What is an escape room?”.  Well, an escape room is an adventure, a challenge, and a fun way to spend an hour.


In an escape room, people are locked in a room and they have a specified amount of time to get out.  At CLUE Inn Escape, our time is 60 minutes to escape.  During that time, the participant has to find different clues, puzzles, and enigmas in order to find the key to get out of the room.  Doesn’t sound too hard right?  Well, it can be, I’m not talking about puzzles like crosswords or word searches or even the traditional puzzle.  I am talking about puzzles that make you think outside the box, puzzles that encourage teamwork.  Escape rooms have many different puzzles and locks, in the current room at CLUE Inn Escape, we have 14 locks that need to be figured out before the 60 minutes runs out.  


Escape rooms are good for just about anything like; date night, girls night, double dates, prom dates, corporate team building, birthdays, holidays, or anything you can think of when you want to just have fun.  

Yes escape rooms are good for corporate team building, however, I won’t go into specifics in this post, we will talk about team building next post, so if you have any particular questions, please ask.  


Hang in there till next time


CLUE Inn Escape.  


6 thoughts on “What Is An Escape Room?

  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about escape rooms more. It’s good to know that they could even be good for corporate team building. This sounds like it could be a fun activity as well that the employees can remember fondly in the future.


  2. Great article, it was a good read and also a great help for us before we tried out an escape room.
    We took our friends and kids to enjoy some adventurous escape room for the first time and we had a great time!
    The rate of escape rooms is now growing as of late with more and more creative rooms coming up each month.
    We used http://www.theplanetsescaperooms.com to find one nearby.
    Escape rooms are now adapting to a wide variety of crowds from kids to elderly and can be quite challenging.
    We hope to play a lot more escape rooms in the near future!

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  3. It’s interesting to learn that these escape rooms can make people think outside the box and eventually help the participants learn more about teamwork through puzzles and quests. That’s wonderful since my friends just asked me to go to an escape room with them to have fun. Being able to be closer to them would be a great benefit since nothing beats to have than a trustworthy friend. Hopefully, we’ll finish the puzzle. Thanks for the helpful article detailing what an escape room is!


  4. Thank you for the terrific read. You mentioned in the article that escape rooms contains puzzles, locks and are great for date nights and corporate team building. I had heard that these escape rooms were becoming popular, and I was wondering what they were exactly. This would be a great activity to do as a group, as it would force people to work together and would help them to get to know each other a bit better.

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