Why an Escape Room?

One of the most common questions I get about CLUE Inn Escape Room is, why open an escape room.

IMG_2147Well, my fist escape room was in Lehi, UT and it was a mobile one, that is it was in a trailer.  My first impression was that it was going to be too small and crowded and it didn’t really look too impressive.  However, when we got in the room, I was pleasantly surprised, there was enough room and the set up was kind of cool.

I wanted to bring both sides of my family together, my sisters and my in-laws.  They hadn’t had that much interaction and since both sides are important to me, I wanted them to get to know each other, I didn’t realize at the time that an escape room is perfect for this.

The room had a theme and it was 1969 and I studied different aspects about 1969, in fact on the drive from Brigham, UT to Lehi, UT we discussed different facts about the year.  Now I did like my first experience, but the theme was misleading and about the only thing that was 1969 in the room were the records, which were just decoration.  I expected the puzzles would have something to do with that year, but it did not.

We went into the room or trailer and I thought, “this isn’t so bad”.  What followed was an hour of fun, we were looking everywhere for clues, now when I say clues I mean like patterns of colors, numbers, etc.  When I first heard that we would have to solve puzzles, I thought well I’m not bad at crosswords or word finds, but the puzzles in an escape room make you think more abstractly.   As we were doing the escape room, I noticed a few things, first people were communicating and interacting with each other, as time went on, this increased.  The second thing that I noticed was that everyone was having fun and didn’t realize that they were getting to know each other or that we were working as a team.IMG_1963

Since CLUE Inn Escape is a mobile escape room and built in a trailer, I am curious what you think about an escape room in a trailer.

Want to try an escape room book online at http://www.clueinnescape.com  Happy escaping!

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