CLUE Inn Escape adventures are filled with props, clues, and puzzles. Be a detective and solve your way through a classic style escape room experience.  CLUE Inn Escape adventures challenges your team’s ability to solve simple and complex puzzles.    We take pride in that our rooms consist of several puzzle sequences or paths played at one time.  Everyone should stay busy.  Nothing can substitute the feeling of solving a complex puzzle and opening a lock.  Yes, lots of locks!  Your success is what is important to us when imagining our unique puzzles, not the awe of technology.  You have only 60 minutes. 

Can your team CLUE IN N Escape?

CHOOSE a Date, Time and Escape Game Adventure
PURCHASE a ticket for your full team
ARRIVE EARLY to make sure the entire team is ready and on time
STOP before entering the building
WAIT for a text stating your adventure is ready
NO peer pressure or argument, CDC suggested Face Wear, worn appropriately, are required at all times.
ACCEPTING procedure, policy, and liability waiver is acknowledged by all players when entering the building
ENTER the building
USE hand sanitizer
WATCH short video explaining basic rules, game play and a scenario of your adventure
SOCIAL DISTANCING PLAY.  We are extremely excited about offering this option.  The Social Distancing play option adds an additional challenge to your game, an extra 3 hints, and will require extreme teamwork.  For more information see “Social Distancing Play” in the web menu.
PLAY your adventure
HAVE FUN problem solving, deciphering, decoding and sleuthing with your team

Acronym for you detectives: CPASWWAEUWSPHE (means nothing)



***Providing a safe environment for all of us, CLUE Inn Escape has implemented some safety measures we know you will appreciate during this pandemic for more information click HERE.***


The Unscrupulous Mortician 

As you are shopping on Ebay, you see the one of a kind necklace that should have been buried with your Great Great Aunt.  WHAT! You knew that mortician looked shady. You decide to turn the tables on him and sneak into his office while he is gone.  You are hoping to find proof that he is indeed unscrupulous and hopefully find the necklace!

2 – 8 Players / Challenging


The Peculiar Puzzling Parlour

Mrs Pomkins is continuing her family tradition. For centuries, the Pomkins Parlour has been the topic for town gossip.  Open party invitations have always claimed to provide a most enjoyable time playing parlour games and such. Yet no one has ever returned bragging what happens inside Pomkins Parlour.  It must be a secret. Through the centuries those who have attended Parlour Games have often returned home confused and in delirium. To encounter the mystery, you must gather your colleagues and experience the adventure for yourselves.  

4 – 10 players / More Challenging

Christmas Chaos

This is the story of Bumble, the abominable snowman.  Did you ever wonder how Bumble got his name?  Well, it’s because he always bumbled everything.  Bumble had a Christmas wish, a very special Christmas Wish.  Bumble wished he could be Santa’s helper.  That’s all he ever wanted to be.

4 – 8 Players / Most Challenging

Tue – Sunday  1:00 to 10:30 pm

Game Times 1:00, 1:30, 3:00, 3:30, 5:00, 5:30, 7:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 9:30

2-4 players          $125 per room
5-6 players          $155 per room
7-8 players          $200 per room
9-10 players        $230 per room

  • Book your full team in one transaction.  Sorry no walk-ins or additional players can be added on private room bookings.
  • Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult, No exceptions. 
  • All people in the room are counted and must pay, this includes babies and toddlers as well as parents supervising children under 16.


5100 S 375 E STE A           

Washington Terrace UT.  84405





I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So much fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge!  I loved the theme and it was very well put together.  Overall great experience and I definitely plan on coming back!


Chelsey Olsen – Facebook Review

We loved this! Very challenging, but we made it. Such great puzzles and creative clues! I would definitely recommend this for a great adventure 🙂

Kristi Mitchell – Google Review