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Customer Reviews

Definitely not was I was expecting. I never would have guessed there were going to be so many clues in such a small space! Very clever riddles and fun puzzles to get through each step. Make it a team effort and you’ll have a blast!

Ammi Rae Aldous – Facebook Review

So much fun, great theme & production design & VERY challenging puzzles! A lot of work went into creating the room we played (Parlour Games) – the puzzles were very clever and unique. The ladies running it were great. I will definitely be back for more!  

Katherine Brinton Campbell – Facebook Review

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So much fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge!  I loved the theme and it was very well put together.  Overall great experience and I definitely plan on coming back!


Chelsey Olsen – Facebook Review

So much fun! The ladies that run it are so awesome! This was our first escape room and they helped to make it a blast!

Sarah Holt – Bookeo Review

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