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Absolutely worth the visit and super fun.. We’re all hooked now

Jared Rice – Facebook Review

We had no idea what We were getting into tonight when we decided to try something new and take the family to Clue Inn Escape. We had a blast! Kathy was awesome and we really enjoyed our time there! Totally worth it and we would definitely recommend it to everyone! (My 13 year old can’t … Continue reading Shelby Fenton Palmer – Facebook Review

Shelby Fenton Palmer – Facebook Review

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So much fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge!  I loved the theme and it was very well put together.  Overall great experience and I definitely plan on coming back!


Chelsey Olsen – Facebook Review

Loved this place!!! We took the kids and their friends and wr had an absolute blast!! It looks small on the outside but once you get inside there is tons of room. We are DEFINETLY going again!!  — feeling amazed.

Tiffany Leigh Welch – Facebook Review

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