unscrupulous-morticianThe Unscrupulous Mortician 

As you are shopping on Ebay, you see the one of a kind necklace that should have been buried with your grandmother.  WHAT! You knew that mortician looked shady. You decide to turn the tables on him and sneak into his office during his lunch hour.  How many other treasures will you find that he has kept! 2 – 8 Players

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The Peculiar Puzzling Parlour

Mrs. Pomkins is continuing her family tradition.  For centuries, the Pomkins Parlour has been the topic for town gossip.  Open party invitations have always claimed to provide a most enjoyable time playing parlour games and such.  Yet no one has ever returned bragging what happens inside Pomkins Parlour.  It must be a secret. Through the centuries those who have attended Parlour Games have often returned home confused and in delirium.   To encounter the mystery, you must gather your colleagues and experience the adventure for yourselves.  4 – 10 players

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Professor Limpet’s Lost Sock  – A live action seek and find room meets an escape room with multiple levels.