juke box malt shop



Malt Shop Escape Party

Hey daddy-o, swing on back in time and have a blast at CLUE Inn Escape’s “Malt Shop”. You have 60 minutes to dip dadip dadip doowop da doobeedo, boogedy boogedy boogedy shoby doowop shebop.  So don’t be a square, lindy bop or swing on over for a fab time.




Nightmare at the Drive-In 

A calm night at the Drive Inn turns into a nightmare. The movie has come to life. Cars swerve and screech as movie goers scramble for the exit. You try to start your car. It won’t start! Pump the gas! It won’t start. Check the dashboard! You’re out of gas. There is no time! The creatures are devouring everything. Check in the snack shack. Can you find some gas before it’s too late? Can you escape or are you doomed to become a victim of the 1950’s classic?

It’s a Wonderful Escape – Coming in Dec





$25.00 per person.  Follow us on Facebook for promos and deals.