Corporate Team-Building

CLUE Inn Escape offers a hands-on approach to team building.  Our escape room allows employers the ability to assess the following characteristics of an effective team.

Effective teams encompass the following skills:

  1. Communication – effective teams must know how to communicate with each other.
  2. Common Goal – Effective teams must be committed to a common goal.
  3. Ideas – Effective teams encourage new ideas from others.
  4. Diversity – Effective teams appreciate the diversity of other team members and feel open to express different opinions, ideas, and suggestions.
  5. Creative – Effective teams must be creative and unafraid to share opinions and suggestions.
  6. Leadership – Effective teams know that the leadership of the team will change from time to time.

If you would like more information on team building,

please call 435-730-2223.

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An awesome thing about CLUE IN Escapes is they can come to you! We had the Escape Room come on site to our business location for a team building night. The customer service by these two staff ladies was beyond great! Appreciated their flexibility in working around the other events going on with our groups. In the escape room both of our team groups were challenged to think and work together in a fun way! The room was professional and fun and the recap at the end by Clue In staff helped our team connect that experience to our everyday instructing and working together. Fantastic way to learn together!

– Brigham City Jazzercise