Pop-up Adventures

10, 20, 30 & 45 minute escape adventures that can be set up in any room of any venue.   Fun for team building, parties, reunions, fundraisers, or any other event that you may have.

Choose from the following: 

BEARly Escape

Unprepared campers find themselves in the woods being followed by a bear.  The return to their camp in frantic search of their bear kit.  They must scare the bear away before he decides to have lunch

  • 10 minute game
  • Competition game for up to 8 people

Jeepers Weepers 

Travelers decide to explore an odd lair hidden away.  What they find is disturbing.  They hear a creature outside and must find a way to escape before they become the next victim.

  • 10 minute game
  • Competition game for up to 8 people


The Last Spike!

Immerse yourself in puzzles and complete the transcontinental railroad

  • 45 minute game
  • This game can accommodate large groups of people at one time.  It’s also good for groups as small as 8.

More Pop-ups coming soon!


For more information or to schedule your pop-up adventure, call 801-689-2605